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Dyslexia Tutoring

Dyslexia or Irlen Syndrome?

Proper identification and remediation is necessary to help struggling readers. Dyslexia, a phonologically-based, language learning disability, often co-exists and is confused with Irlen Syndrome, a perceptual processing problem that causes readers to lose place due to perceived glare on the page, and in many cases distortions of the print, and in many cases eye strain or headaches due to light sensitivity.  A full screening by a certified Irlen Screener or Diagnostician will either rule out, or confirm and help the student or adult find the best colored overlay combination (or possible referral for custom colored lenses) to alleviate the symptoms. This is simply removing a perceptual processing barrier to learning, bringing comfort and clarity of vision, and in no way teaches phonetic reading skills. 

  Marcia is very pleased to have added the Barton Reading and Spelling Program to Positive Learning Solutions LLC (PLS-LLC), the best of the Orton-Gillingham Methods in one program, to effectively tutor children with dyslexia. 

Complimentary support, if needed, is with Structure of Intellect (SOI) testing and brain-building follow-up exercises. SOI builds specific learning abilities which are identified by the SOI assessment (or SOI skill-building may just be added in for extra support without testing) and often greatly enhances the progress of the student doing the Barton program. This may include different types of memory, including auditory and visual working memory, ability to follow a string of directions, vocabulary,  reading comprehension, problem-solving, and more.

Before she added the Barton program, a boy was brought to PLS-LLC who was not able to pass level two of the Barton program. After a few months of personalized SOI sessions, he returned to his Barton tutor. A year later Marcia checked back with the parent who reported her son was progressing very well "not missing a beat." 

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The Irlen Method of customized color does not cure dyslexia. An individual with dyslexia will still require intensive phonetic based-multi-sensory reading instruction to gain reading fluency.

Irlen precision color (overlays or Spectral filters as glasses) allow the print to be completely stable without glare, movement, blurriness, or other individual ways that light sensitivity may be interfering with seeing the page easily. Or for some, the custom colors as glasses calm the brain to assist with focusing and concentration, or relieve headaches and eye strain.

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