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For home schooling families, or out-of-the-area families

* Structure of Intellect (SOI) testing is done at the PLS center or possibly arranged at another site

*Training for using the SOI follow-up materials on your own can be part of the follow-up consultation
* Learning style tips & resources for dyslexia, reading, math, & writing can be included in the follow-up training, based upon the testing

The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technologies

The Listening Program (TLP) is a music listening therapy that provides brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work, and life. Systematic training is provided through listening to psychoacoustically modified classical music, which trains the brain to process sound more efficiently. This leads to improvements in :



*social engagement


*sensory processing


*brain fitness

*music ability

*daily living

Children, teens, and adults can use the program in the home, classroom, or workplace. It is completely portable and easy to use. TLP fits easily into anyone’s schedule, and only requires 15 to 30 minutes of daily listening. 

The Listening Progam builds on the work of Alfred Tomatis, who helped identify the relationship between certain sound frequencies and their effect on functions of the mind and body. 

The Listening Program is designed to “exercise” the different functions of the auditory processing system. The result is the brain is better able to receive, process, store and use the enriching and valuable music, language, and sounds that are all around us. 

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Sensory integration exercises can also be done at home, and this is highly recommended in many cases. Marcia has also taken the advanced training by Dr. FrankBelgau, one of the earliest  researchers and developers of sensory integration/balance therapy and inventor of the original balance board. 

The Belgau Balance Board, the cornerstone of Dr. Belgau’s Learning Breakthrough Program, as well as part of the equipment in SOI-IPP, provides unique brain stimulation in the inner ear. It helps:

* Develop & fine tune brain connectors and processes.
* Vision, reading, listening, speech, focusing, attention, writing, memory, sports abilities, and more.
* Increases the effectiveness of any other brain training, like SOI modules & auditory and vision training.
* Every member of the family sharpen abilities.
* Those struggling with any aspect of dysintegral learning problems, perceptual problems, or attention related behavior.

You may order Belgau equipment from Positive Learning Solutions for the same price as from the Balametrics website. We will also include a 2 page summary of suggestions for successful Belgau Balance Board use– how to get started, how to step onto it, what settings to use, & suggested activities.

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