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SOI-IPP Exercises Auditory Training

Structure of Intellect has several wonderful resources that strengthen auditory attention, sequencing, and the ability to comprehend, remember, and follow through with a string of verbal directions. One of my most valued tools that benefit most of my students–whether they be a struggling reader, struggle with disorganization and sequencing problems, or experience off-task behavior or forgetfulness– is the SOI Auditory Kit. 

SOI also has several paper and computer exercises that strengthen auditory attention, following directions, memory, sequencing and organization skills, based upon the SOI testing results. I use all of them in addition to the Auditory Kit.

Sensory Integration SOI-IPP Licensed Center

While the SOI modules, CD-Rom activities, and the materials do cognitive and vision training (based upon the proven theory that intelligence can be developed), sensory integration strengthens and integrates balance, auditory and visual focusing skills, attention, memory, and more.  Sensory integration builds perceptual readiness for better learning.  Learners of all ages benefit from these fun exercises.

Positive Learning Solutions is licensed through SOI Systems for Integrated Practice Protocol (SOI-IPP). IPP is a personalized learning therapy that builds the working together of sensory-motor integration and balance, plus auditory and  vision skills training. Without sensory  integration, visual and auditory information being received by struggling students is often garbled, scrambled, and confused. In many cases, a contributing problem for a “slow learner” is that the auditory or visual processing functions are not well developed. IPP is a personalized program– based upon assessment– to develop and fine tune these necessary perceptual abilities. 

The full SOI-IPP program,  combining the personalized SOI test follow-up of fun workbook pages and CD-Roms with the IPP exercises for auditory skills,balance, sensory integration, and visual focusing, brings positive results very quickly. Sensory integration withSOI-IPP is highly recommended to help everyone be the best they can be.

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