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Meet the Super Color Rangers

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

While most of us can agree that wearing colored glasses is pretty cool (I mean, come on, Hollywood celebrities do it just for fun and fashion’s sake), sometimes kids with Irlen Syndrome don’t feel quite the same way about wearing their Irlen Spectral Filters. Let’s face it, being a kid (or worse, a teen) can be tough. You want to fit in. You want to look like everyone else. You want to be part of the crowd. You definitely don’t want people making fun of you, or asking you questions about why you wear those funny colored glasses. We get it. We’ve all been there, Kid.

That’s why we’re so excited about the new children’s  book, Super Color Rangers. It takes a genuine stab at making color powerful, special, and fun! And, on top of all this, every book sold helps benefit the Irlen Syndrome Foundation, providing scholarships for Irlen services, and supporting research and outreach efforts around the world! We asked co-author, Dorie Cameron, to share with us why she and her award-winning, children’s-book-author-husband, Rick Felty, decided to write Super Color Rangers, and what you can expect when you share this fun and colorful children’s story with your own Irlen child. Enjoy!

When I first heard the words “Irlen Syndrome,” I was (as are many) shocked that I did not know about it!  How could I have been in the world of education and social work and not known about something that could affect people so dramatically?  So, I dove in.  I read, watched and listened to all of the available resources. I clearly understood and deeply felt that this could be a potent solution for many people. Quickly into the learning, I knew I would get trained as an Irlen Screener.  Fortunately, I didn’t need to wait too long.  As a Screener, it has been eye-opening and deeply rewarding to assist so many people! I’ve learned a lot over these past few years.

One of the things I realized working with people, is that once a child and family know about Irlen and embark on the journey of getting their individualized tools, there is a social-emotional process of integrating Irlen into their lives.  I felt children could benefit from a book about Irlen Syndrome that is fun and empowering.

So I chatted with my husband (He had come along this whole Irlen journey with me!) and we felt we could bring something to the community. So we set out to create a book.  It might be helpful to know my husband Rick Felty and I have extensive experience producing books, most notably his award winning Tabitha Fink series, and this seemed like a fun new project.

So we used our joint expertise to co-create a new book that has just been released.  It is called “Super Color Rangers”.  It’s the story of four friends who join together as super heroes to battle the forces of confusion that swirl around them.  It’s an action-packed, occasionally comic book style showdown, as the rangers battle a set of super villains who want total control!  It’s also the story of friendship, support and how they each find the answer to their own struggles by using the power of color.

And of course, it’s really about Irlen Syndrome.  We felt that it was important to create a book that would interest a wide reading audience, while also communicating the challenges and solutions available for those with Irlen Syndrome. We wanted to connect with and empower kids who have Irlen.  We want them to know they are not alone and that they have the power to choose to use their Irlen tools and navigate the world in a new way.

People who pick up a copy will find a sweet story about childhood friendship, mixed with exciting comic book action sequences with Irlen Syndrome woven in as part of the narrative.  We believe this book can be helpful to a child/children who are coming to terms with what it means to have Irlen, while becoming more comfortable using their unique Irlen tools.

Get your copy of Super Color Rangers at Amazon

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