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This Is Why Your Glasses Won’t Be The Same Color As Your Overlay

You’ve just been Screened for Irlen Syndrome and you found out that an Aqua overlay helps you. Now you want to run out and buy a blue pair of glasses, right? Wrong!! Don’t ever tint glasses the same color as your overlay! Stop. Breathe. We’re not sure you heard us, so we’ll say it again. Please do not tint glasses the same color as your overlay. Why not, you ask? Because your optimal lens color will never be the same color as your overlay, and in some cases, making your overlay color into a lens can actually make your symptoms worse.

Here’s the deal. There are only 10 Irlen Overlay colors and over 100,000 Spectral Filter colors. You do the math. As with most things, in this case, more is most definitely better. A lot better. A whole lot better!  Why is that? Well, with an almost limitless number of colors, we’re able to fine-tune Irlen Spectral Filters specifically for your brain. No one else has a brain like yours, so why should anyone else have a color like yours? In fact, nearly 70% of the lenses that leave the Irlen Lab are unique in color. That’s right, we’ll say it again. Unique in color.

It is this level of precision-tinting that allows Irlen Spectral Filters to work as well as they do. It’s why your Irlen Spectral Filters will address all of your Irlen symptoms and not just some of them. It’s why colors look normal when you look through your Irlen Spectral Filters. It’s why things don’t look dim or dark when you wear your Irlen Spectral Filters. Your Irlen Spectral Filter color is the exact color your brain requires to normalize brain function. That’s right, not just improve, but normalize your brain function. In other words, with your Irlen Spectral Filters, your brain can now function the way it would if you didn’t have Irlen Syndrome at all.

The good news is, if you like your overlay, you’ll LOVE your glasses or contacts. That relaxed, soothing feeling you have when you look down at a page covered with your preferred overlay… imagine that feeling all the time, not just when you’re reading. And that clarity of words on the page…guess what, your environment should look like that too! We like to say that Irlen Spectral Filters will introduce you to a whole new world, and we think you’ll like it.

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