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The Difference Between Getting By and Getting Ahead

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Are you working harder than you should, and suffering more than necessary, to succeed? Are you less productive at work than you could be because you have to take frequent breaks when reading or working on the computer? Does a day under fluorescent lights at the office leave you exhausted, headachy, or feeling ill? You might be making it through the day, but at what price? You may be getting by, but just think how much better you could be.

At Irlen, we use non-invasive color filtering technology (Irlen Spectral Filters) to eliminate the stress on the brain that causes difficulties for so many people. The result is better performance with less effort, improved attention and concentration, and a reduction in a host of unwanted physical symptoms from headaches to fatigue. Daily functioning immediately improves, and performance increases considerably.

The core issue with Irlen Syndrome is sensitivity to bright and fluorescent lights, but many people aren’t even aware that their brain is sensitive to light. If you wear sunglasses outside, you’re sensitive to light. It’s that simple. And, if you cannot read for more than 50 minutes without having to take a break because of strain, fatigue, or difficulty staying focused, then you probably need to wear color.  Being in bright or fluorescent lights, reading on white paper, staring at a computer screen or iPad shouldn’t hurt, it shouldn’t make you tired or sleepy, and reading shouldn’t get harder the longer you try to do it.

When light acts as a stressor on the brain, the brain isn’t able to correctly process the visual information it receives. The brain works harder, is overactive, and this slows down productivity and puts extra strain and fatigue on the physical system. In simpler terms, you end up working harder with diminishing returns.

When you eliminate simple stress on the brain, you instantly enhance performance, increase endurance, and exponentially improve your life. It can mean the difference between getting by and getting ahead. Irlen Syndrome affects millions of people who have successfully made it through school and have succeed in life, but who have had to work harder than necessary to get there.

Knowledge is power, and knowing how light affects your brain is the key to unlocking your full potential. Color’s ability to eliminate stress on the brain and allow it to function optimally can revolutionize your life.

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